Monday, 18 January 2016

Mirabilia's Moon Flowers as of 19th January 2016 (Progress So Far)

Hey Everyone,

So here we go...... here's the new start from Boxing Day!

Sorry it's taken so long to get this online but since Christmas I haven't really felt in the sharing mood if you know what I mean, dunno what's wrong with me but hey ho and all that.

Here you go..... First up is the initial mock up I did when choosing a fabric for Moon Flowers, I finally decided on Twilight Shadows (with more purple than usual) by Dawn at The Crafty Kitten. So this is how I'm hoping the finished piece will look when finished and so far it's looking pretty accurate which is very pleasing!

Moon Flowers Tester Mock Up on Twilight Shadows

and here is my progress so far......

Moon Flowers as of 29.12.2015

Moon Flowers as of 30.12.2015
Moon Flowers as of 07.01.2016

Moon Flowers as of 10.01.2016

Moon Flowers as of 13.01.2016

Moon Flowers as of 15.01.2016

Moon Flowers as of 17.01.2016

Moon Flowers as of 19.01.2016

So what do you think? Obviously this is all just plain stitching so far and I will do the beads when all the stitching is in. I'd actually forgotten what a pain Kreinik and Wisper is to stitch with, although the Caron thread is a beautiful thread to work with, shame it's so blinking expensive to buy!

So the important stuff:

Mirabilia's Moon Flowers by Nora Corbett
Stitched on 32 count Murano evenweave in a customised Twilight Shadows by The Craft Kitten
2 thread over 2 squares in full crosses
Started on 26th December 2015
Finished on TBA

I will try really hard not to let the next update take quite so long and I'll see you next time!

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

HAED's A Curious Introduction as of 26th December 2015 (Pages 8 & 9 Done)

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a fab Christmas.... I know I sure did in the end, as well as a lovely birthday!

So I have finally finished the whole of the top row on A Curious Introduction and it's looking a lot less like smoosh now and a few minor details are starting to pop through..... what do you think?

HAED's ACI as of 26.12.2015 (Pages 8 & 9 Done)
HAED's ACI as of 26.12.2015 (Total Progress So Far - After 9 Pages)
 So what do you think, you like? Sadly this is now going away for a while as I've just had a new Christmas start..... I finally got around to starting Mirabilia's Moon Flower which I will show you next time!

See you then,

Friday, 11 December 2015

HAED's A Curious Introduction as of 10th December 2015 (Page 7 Done)


Well hello, there....... I have another update for you and it's Page 7 of A Curious Introduction and we are back to stitching background smoosh again.

HAED's ACI as of 10.12.2015 (Page 7 Done)

HAED's ACI as of 10.12.2015 (Total Progress So Far - After 7 Pages)

Page 7 was a nice looking page to work on especially when it was finished and you can see daylight peeking through the tress..... amazing detail, even for smoosh!

I am going to continue onwards with this as there is only one more full page and a teeny tiny partial until the first row is complete. So I'm going to stitch these last two pages together with the plan of getting them done before Christmas as I plan on finally making a start on my first big Mirabilia with Moon Flowers on Christmas Day so ACI will be stitched until then.

Hope everyone well out there and I will see you again soon!

Monday, 23 November 2015

HAED's A Curious Introduction as of 23rd November 2015 (Page 6 Done)


Hey, look at me posting again!

So this time round I have another page finish on A Curious Introduction for you to see and this time it's Page 6 and I can say that I am well and truly out of the yellow for now!

HAED's ACI as of 23.11.2015 (Page 6 Done)

HAED's ACI as of 23.11.2015 (Total Progress So Far - After 6 Pages)
Sorry the photos are a little dark but it's pretty overcast here today..... and totally FREEZING!

I'm carrying on with this until this row is finished now so I'll be back soon with the next page finish....

See you next time

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

HAED's A Curious Introduction as of 16th November 2015 (Page 5 Done)

Well Hello!

I am back and I have another page of yellow on A Curious Introduction to show you....... I'm kind of blown away at how happy I have been stitching nothing but yellow for such a long time, who'd have thought it?

Would you like to see what I've been up to?

HAED's ACI as of 16.11.2015 (Page 5 Done)
HAED's ACI as of 16.11.2015 (Total Progress So Far - After 5 Pages) with Saturday's Dr Who in the background this time!
It's growing nicely and with every page I get done across the top is another step towards the next row and some actual detail rather than the ACI smush! I have moved on to the next page and guess what....... It has some GREEN in it..... yaaaaaay!

See you next time,

Monday, 9 November 2015

HAED's A Curious Introduction as of 4th November 2015 (Page 4 Done..... and yes I know I'm late!)

Hey Everyone!

I have a bit of a late post here as I finished Page 4 of HAED's A Curious Introduction by Aimee Stewart a while ago and just completely forgot to post it...... eeeeek! Obviously getting back into the swing of craft blogging if proving harder than I thought it would.

Here we go......

HAED's ACI as of 04.11.2015 (Page 4 Done)

HAED's ACI as of 04.11.2015 (Total Progress So Far - After 4 Pages) and yes, I was watching the Flash when I took this photo!
It didn't take long to stitch Page 4 up as it was mainly the one shade of yellow so it wasn't complicated and long-winded to stitch, in fact I'm halfway through the next page too as it's more of the same!

I will be back soon with Page 5 and I look forward to seeing you all then!


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

HAED - A Curious Introduction as of 28th October 2015 (Page 3 Done)

Hey Everyone

So sorry for the extended break but the bug went seriously AWOL.....

Anyway, the bug is back safe and sound and here's what I've been up to for the last week or so. A Curious Introduction is back out and Page 3 is now completed and I've moved on to Page 4.

So here we are......

HAED's ACI as of 19.10.2015 (Page 3 Done)

HAED's ACI as of 19.10.2015 (Total Progress So Far)
So there was A LOT of varying shades of lemon yellow on that page and the next page is almost completely the one colour so it shouldn't take to long to stitch up so hopefully I will be back quite soon as I've missed both stitching and blogging as well as all of you guys!

So what has everyone been up in my absence, being away from stitching has meant that I haven't even ben keeping up with anyone else's blogs which I am sorry for but I will be making an effort to catch up with you all over the few weeks but in the meantime let me know what you've been working on and I'll see you all later.


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Apologies For The Extended Blog Break Here

Hey Everyone,

I bet you've all been wondering where I've been for the last month. I am still about but I have done absolutely NO stitching since the last post and so I have absolutely nothing to post about because of it. 

My health issues are paying a part especially since I now know I'm going to need more surgery and that's dragged me down a fair bit but the biggest reason is that my bug has gone massively AWOL and the is the longest time that my bug has been missing EVER! I am concerned about it but I'm not going to push myself over it and try to force it as I'm sure I'll start again when I'm ready BUT I have been feeling a bit crafty again recently so figures crossed it will be back soon so I hope to be back with you again sooner rather than later.

Hope to see you all soon!

Friday, 4 September 2015

HAED's Owl In Poppy Field as of 4th September 2015 (Pages 9 and 10 Done)

Hey Everyone

Yeah, I know I've been lax in posting yet again and I really must stop constantly having to apologise for it but I haven't been stitching as much as normal in recent months.

 I've had an awful lot of my mind of late as my health is still causing issues. I had a MRI last month checking for something rheumatology-wise and they came across a completely unrelated problem which means I will be needing surgery (more surgery, sigh)..... I've really had enough of constantly being sick and it's really getting very draining emotionally and I think that's what's been affecting my stitching at the moment which is sad as it's my stitching that gets me through everything usually.

Anyway, I have finished pages 9 and 10 on Owl In Poppy Field and now she looks like this.....

Poppy as of 02.09.2015 (Page 9 Done)

Poppy as of 02.09.2015 (Total Progress So Far)

Poppy as of 03.09.2015 (Page 10 Done)

Poppy as of 03.09.2015 (Total Progress So Far)
Sadly, that's the last of the Poppy updates for now as the reds and pinks where starting to grate on my nerves so she's been swapped out for something else...... and Hannah Lynn's Ice Princess is back for a while.

See you again soon!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

HAED's Owl In Poppy Field as of 19th August 2015 (Pages 7 and 8 Done)

Well Hello Again Everyone!

Yep, I am back again already and with not one........ but TWO new completed pages!

How'd you do that so quickly then Thea?

Well, to be frank they were both partial pages and one of them was particularly tiny, would you like to see?

Poppy as of 19.08.2015 (Page 7 Done)

Poppy as of 19.08.2015 (Total Progress So Far - After 7 Pages)

Poppy as of 19.08.2015 (Page 8 Done)

Poppy as of 19.08.2015 - Take 2 (Total Progress So Far)
As you can see from the gridlines I've committed to stitching the next full page and the partial page beneath it....... after that, I am not sure so we'll have to see.

So I will see you next time!